Health food that is actually unhealthy; hidden ingredients to know

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Health food that is actually unhealthy; hidden ingredients to know

Winter craving for good food has always been a hot topic of discussion. Cuddling up on a cold day, with hot piping food, a fry here and there and greens to accompany with a hot cuppa chai can be the perfect recipe. However, things have changed. People are more health conscious and indulge in diet plans to control the excess fat. That is good news.

But the bad news is that we may actually not be aware that there are hidden demons in our diet charts that can add a whole lot of calorie to our otherwise safe food plate.

So, apart from being aware, be intelligent too. Watch out for the extras that may look simple and unimposing, but can cause havoc to your weight goals.

These are some of the foods that can be avoided.

Gluten-free? Really? –
Gluten is from the protein family and is found in wheat. People are advised to go gluten free for medical issues, but beyond that most bodies can tolerate gluten.
Gluten free food is likely to contain more fat than normal versions of the same food and less fibre and protein. Hence, be careful.

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A ‘saucy’ tale after all –
Yes, a sauce or a condiment can bring in the right zing to your food, but be aware, the sauce has hidden ingredients that you should be aware of. Cheese and mayonnaise-based spreads can be loaded with calories and unhealthy fat. Ketchup, barbecue sauce can contain added sugar and sodium. So, read up before you sprinkle. The lesser the ingredients, the better.

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Too many toppings can spoil the food –
Cheese, butter, margarine, sour cream, dried fruits and mayonnaise-based dressings can together load up the calories. Use fresh options, yoghurt, olive oil and fresh fruits instead.

The ‘wrap’ story –
A wrap or a roll can be an ideal choice when you want to go light. But the breads you use along with the dressing can be harmful. They can bring almost 300 calories to the table. And a cheese slice, toppings can only increase this. Be mindful.
Take a wrap with whole wheat, add more veggies and less of toppings and avoid mayonnaise.

Sports drinks are for the sportspersons –
Don’t take on sports drinks because that looks cool and your favourite sportsperson is advertising for it. These drinks contain electrolytes (salts) and sugar, that can be good for the athletes but for a person with minimal workout plan, it may be harmful. The additional intake is not good.

Salad dressing can be over dressed –
Many people use dressings to add flavour to their salads. They maybe, however, be loaded with sugar, vegetable oils and trans fats and artificial chemicals. So, make your dressing. Use natural and more organic stuff.

Energy Bars –
Energy bars are not necessarily a healthy choice. They can be packed with enriched white flour, high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners, as per research. They can be high in saturated fat and low in fibre.
Instead opt for a bar that is 150 calories or lower. Opt for a bar whose ingredient list is short and begins with a whole grain such as brown rice, whole wheat, or whole oat flour.

So, keep your eyes open for a really healthy diet.


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