Do not fret if your partner is not your best friend; it is normal

Do not fret if your partner is not your best friend; it is normal
Do not fret if your partner is not your best friend; it is normal

Many partners after getting married end up becoming best friends, however, it is not the case with every couple. You may have an amazing sexual compatibility, go on dates, and face the struggles in life together, however, this still does not mean that they have to be best friends. There obviously needs to be some level of friendship but not to the extent of being BFFs.

There might be times when you do not want to or feel the need to share something with your partners but prefer going to other people for guidance. At the end of the day, there is the need of a best friend who does not have to be the person you are sleeping with.

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While it is a fact that friendship is important and plays a major role towards the longevity of a relationship. You could want to be around the person, but it still does not mean that you have to be best friends. And, there is nothing wrong about it. There is no less love if you are not best friends.

There are topics and discussions that are not important to be disclosed to your partners for many reasons and the other person should not feel bad about it. There could be things such as your discussions related to your ex, your fantasies and desires that could hurt your partner and he or she may not be interested in hearing them.

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In romantic relationships, there are more complexities and deeper sensitivities that should be avoided, while in friendships, this is not the case. It is also a fact that people talk to their friends more freely than to their partners, sometimes out of the fear of hurting them.

The most important thing needed is love, respect, care, and taking care of each other’s desires. It is necessary that your express your feelings and share things that are important are essential, but the partners should not feel bad if you discuss certain things with friends rather than them.

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