‘Shoot them mercilessly’ says Karnataka CM; clarifies later

In a video that went viral on social media, the Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy was heard instructing assailants of slain Janata Dal (Secular) leader Prakash to be ‘killed mercilessly’.

However, Kumaraswamy clarified that the statement was made in the spur of the moment and was not an order passed by him as the chief minister.

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In the video Kumaraswamy was heard saying, “He (Prakash) was a good man. I do not know why they killed him. Shoot them (killers) mercilessly, no problem.”

The opposition launched a scathing attack on Kumaraswamy.

Farmers died – No emotions. Govt officials killed – Doesn’t matter. Massive Corruption – That’s ok. No development programs – I don’t print note. Dalits pushed to Slavery – hmmm. JDS Karyakartha murdered – Orders cops to immediately shoot. For Kumaraswamy all that matters is JD,” tweeted the BJP Karnataka unit.

Clarifying the statement, the Chief Minister asserted, “It (kill assailants mercilessly) was not my order, I was emotional at that moment. They (killers)are the reason for two murders and they were in jail. They came out on bail two days ago and killed another person. This is how they are misusing bail.”

Prakash was allegedly murdered by unidentified assailants while he was travelling in his car in Maddur.

Kumaraswamy has ordered a probe into the incident and instructed the police to take all necessary measures to ensure that such incidents are not recurring.

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