Wondering how to engage kids this winter break? Try these activity ideas

Wondering how to engage kids this winter break? Try these activity ideas
Wondering how to engage kids this winter break? Try these activity ideas

As winter break is all set to begin for the kids, have you made your plans with them of what to do? Though, it might be simple to just do nothing and let the break pass without any fun or activities, this is actually the time when parents can bond with their kids, if not on weekdays, for the working parents, at least, weekends can be made exciting.

Keeping kids busy and entertained needs some planning and ideas which are given here.

Try a sport

As a family, you can always pick a sport that you all mutually enjoy and play in the park outside your house. It could be golf, badminton, tennis or indoor games such as table tennis, pool, or ping pong. You could also visit some clubs or arcade that offer the games.

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Have a talent show

How about flaunting your talents in front of each other? You could actually put on a talent show in which you can sing, dance, or do some karaoke with them. Just go all out and have some fun as your kids really need.

Cook and bake

Since there might be many Indian families that do not celebrate Christmas, in the winter holidays, the parents can cook or bake some interesting treats to savour. This could be a fun way to spend the vacation as well as learn new things.

Visit local attractions

You can head out of your houses and visit some local museums or heritage sites with your kids. These sites usually count on the break for a crowd of visitors. You could also check for sites that put on special programs for kids.

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Take a nearby trip

You could go visit your parents and give some precious time to spend with their grandparents, if you stay in different cities. Else, planning a trip around your city for one or two nights could be a good idea as well.

Visit a dessert cafe

Take your kids to a dessert cafe and indulge in the decadent Christmas delicacies there such as the brioche, cookies, cake slices, yule logs, and other items. You could also bring the desserts home and enjoy them at the comfort of your blankets.

Organize a sleepover for your kids and their friends

You could invite your children’s friends over for a sleepover or if not friends, you can invite their cousins over to get cozy in their pyjamas and prepare some nice food for them. You could also take them out to the nearby ice cream parlour for an ice cream treat.

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