How to cope with a boyfriend whose BFF is a female

How to cope with a boyfriend whose BFF is a female
How to cope with a boyfriend whose BFF is a female

The misconception that men and women cannot be just friends is now old and dated. However, it is true that platonic relationships between men and women are possible, and now with people accepting friendship between two genders has become easier.

However, if we talk about girlfriends whose boyfriends have females best friends or BFFs, there are instances where the myth still prevails. Jealousy is fact that no one can change.

So, for girls who are dating boys who have girls as their best friends, here are some tips for dealing with them, and we will not ask you to leave the guy.

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Trust lays the foundation of a relationship. If you cannot trust your partner, you might not have a successful long-lasting relationship. If you trust your boyfriend, you should not bother whether his best friend is a male or a female. You should understand that there would be a reason why your boyfriend and his best friend are not dating and you need to respect that.

Know her

Before knowing, do not make up your mind that you do not like her. Try to know her. Spend some time with her and your boyfriend together, and it would be nice if you could spend some time along with her as well. At times, if you do not have a female friend, she might fit in there as well.

Understand the relationship

If you have a female best friend as well, maybe you could understand why your boyfriend, too has a female best friend for the qualities females have. You should know that girls can make great best friends, and men can have deeper friendships with them than their male friends.

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When in doubt, ask. It is absolutely natural for a girl to feel jealous if his boyfriend gets attention from another girl and that she knows a lot about him. However, if you feel uncomfortable, you can ask questions. Asking is always better than assuming. If your partner is true, he will answer your questions without any hesitation.

Is he into you?

In case, you are feeling insecure, find signs that he is into you. Some of the signs are the type of eye contact, how he listens to you, if he grabs your attention through tricks, or if he gets nervous in your presence. If you see any or all of these signs, then your man is definitely yours.

Notice signs that can raise doubts

If you think that the relationship between your boyfriend and his BFF is beyond friendship, try to get signs to prove it. If he hides things about his friend and gets secretive, tries to avoid conversations about her with you, goes out of his way to help her and leaves anything for it, chats with her all the time, you need to tighten some screws or know the facts.

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