Porsche’s new ‘Fast Charging Station’ can charge the car in just 3 min for 100km

In way towards futuristic electric cars, automobile major Porsche has unveiled a prototype charging station in Germany with an output of up to 450kW.

Interestingly the charging station is compatible with electric models of all brands which falls under the European standard Type 2 variant of the widely used Combined Charging System (CCS). At the same time the attractive feature the charging station is that it has the charge time is less than three minutes for the first 100km range.

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According to reports, the charging capacity of the new “FastCharger” is three to nine times as high as what is currently available via DC rapid-charging stations. Increasing the available charge capacity to up to 450kW considerably reduces the charging time, in turn increasing the number of vehicles able to use the technology in a given space of time.

Two such charging stations are currently available to use, free of charge, as part of the test phase. They are compatible with all CCS-enabled electric vehicles in the Type 2 variant that is standard for Europe. The charge capacity provided adjusts automatically in relation to each vehicle’s authorized maximum.

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