How to decorate a perfect Christmas tree

How to decorate a perfect Christmas tree
How to decorate a perfect Christmas tree

As the Christmas season is here, people would have already begun purchasing their Christmas trees and other items for the festival to gear up for Santa’s visit on Christmas eve.

Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the most exciting things around Christmas, especially for kids. There is a correct and an incorrect way to decorate a perfect Christmas tree. Moreover, if you are still waiting to get the right Christmas tree, there is the right way to choose it.

Usually we decorate a Christmas tree without the right structure and pattern as it is all about the fun and feel of the festival. Here are ten easy steps to decorate the perfect tree for Christmas.

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Choose the right location

Choose the appropriate location around your house that would exhibit your Christmas tree perfectly. It is not important to place it only in the living room. It could be in a garden outside your house, backyard or any other place you find suitable. Ensure that you have a plug socket around where you want to place the tree, if it is an artificial one.

Measure the size of the tree required

After choosing the location, measure the width and depth, and the height of the ceiling, keeping in mind the stand and topper of the tree as well. The tree should have enough space for its branches to hang freely and for the decorations to spread out correctly.

Fluff the branches

Fluff all the branches of the tree and ensure that the is even from all the angles. The more the fluffing, the more spectacular your tree will look. Even the artificial tree can look real with the help of fluffing.

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Use the correct lighting

The next step should be doing up the lighting on the tree. Turn on the lights and space them out evenly so that every part of the tree looks well-lit. Begin from the top of the tree and go all the way down weaving the lights around all the major branches. Leave about six inches space between the loops. Copper wires are the best as they are more durable, clearer and brighter.

Go for the complimenting colour scheme

Select colours that would go well with each other and stick to a theme. The traditional Christmas tree colours are red, green and golden paired with yellow and white lights. To give a more winter look, go for silver, blue, and purple, and for a basic tree, choose white and silver with wooden decorations.

Pick the right decoration items

Choose on the type of decoration you want for your tree. Ribbons or tinsels both would look incredible. Like the lights, start the decoration from the top till the bottom. Compliment the garlands with the right baubles that hang from the inside of your tree. The larger baubles should hang from near the centre of the tree and the smaller ones should be hung towards the ends of the branches.

Choose the top decoration

Decide if you want the star on top or the angel on the top of the tree. You could also go for more ribbons if none of the above. Choose the one that goes with your tree theme. Birds or snowflakes could also be used.

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