Oprah responds to a 2006 video where she tastes award-winning chicken recipe

Oprah sampling chicken in 2006 (L), responding to the video (2018)

A 2006 video of Oprah tasting award-winning chicken recipe went so viral on Twitter that Oprah responded to it on her Instagram.

The video shows Oprah tasting an award-winning chicken dish made by a woman. But since there is no seasoning on the meat Oprah has a tough time swallowing it.

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Here is the video which was revived last weekend by Buzzfeed writer Spencer Althouse.

Oprah responded by saying “Okay Spencer, I don’t know whatever made you pull that tape out of the vault,” she said in a new Instagram video. “But it made me laugh.”

“So I was having a moment of trying to decide: Do I want her to have a great time? What is my real moment of truth?” she said. “Because the truth for me was that I’m used to having salt and pepper on my chicken. That’s just the truth…That’s what I was thinking, ‘This chicken needs some salt and pepper.'”

Watch Oprah’s response here



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