Things to keep in mind before dating a funny guy

Things to keep in mind before dating a funny guy
Things to keep in mind before dating a funny guy

Dating a funny guy can be both good and bad. They would keep your life filled with laughter and at the same time they could make even a serious conversation or situation funny with their comments which could annoy people around. Here are tips to keep in mind before you date a funny guy:

He would make your day better

Did you have a hectic and bad day at work? A funny guy can rejuvenate you and make your day better and happier, if you happen to hand out with him. It will just take him a few minutes to cheer you up.

He can make your life interesting

Being with a funny guy means making your monotonous life interesting. Do you have to attend a boring wedding function or party in which your bae is invited, too? Remember to take him along.

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Even serious situations would be made funny

On the negative side, the funny guy would crack jokes even between a serious conversation or a serious situation. This could become awkward in such situations. People do not always want to laugh.

Comments between serious television shows or movies

If you are watching a film or a television show with him, he would make the serious scenes of the film hilarious with his comments in between. For you they might be fun to hear, however, if you are in a movie theatre, others can get disturbed by his comments.

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Make travel fun with him

Your trips would be fun with a funny boyfriend as he would get you laughing and comfortable as well as the other people joining you for the trips. He can adapt well with your siblings or friends, so need not worry about his company.

He might be hiding his feeling behind the jokes

A funny guy is not indeed funny in reality. He could be making you laugh and making your life fun, however, if you delve deep into his life, you might find him hiding his emotions under behind the laughter.

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