#BattleForStates: Understanding people’s expectations as Raj decides

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#BattleForStates: Understanding people's expectations as Raj decides

As Rajasthan decides its new government on the 7th of December 2018, NewsMobile undertook a special campaign to reach the people and check the pulse of where the state is headed to.

The NewsMobile team started with a train journey and spoke to people en-route. Post reaching Jaipur, we met politicians and election candidates from both parties, attended their rallies and spoke to them about the various issues that either parties face.

Rajasthan goes to polls for 200 assembly seats. BJP is the ruling party and Vasundhara Raje Scindia the present Chief Minister. The party had an almost clean sweep in 2013 when they bagged 163 seats and came to power in majority. Since then, much has flowed under the bridge.

The verdict is quite divided in Rajasthan. We spoke to a cross section of people ranging from manufacturers, industrialists, politicians, traders, decision makers and public; and everyone had an opinion.
We have classified the same as follows –

What works for BJP:
– Tried and tested governance.
– Modi wave. this is still a huge push for the party in the state.
– Positivity about development work that has been done by the Scindia govt.     Eg – metro.
– Impetus to education, especially women and child.
– Scindia strong hold.

What doesn’t work for BJP:
– Scindia regarding as a ‘silo’ leader; authoritarian and recluse
– She isn’t considered approachable at the ground level
– BJP hasn’t fulfilled promises especially related to farmers, clean drinking         water.
– Unemployability a big concern

What works for Congress:
– The wave of new energy
– Rajasthan’s historical experience of voting for a different party each election
– Sachin Pilot seen as a new and promising leader who has worked a lot in         the field
– Congress manifesto promises; what BJP hasn’t been able to fulfil.
– Demonetization, GST and farmer issues go in favour of Congress

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What doesn’t work for Congress:
– The Modi wave that refuses to diminish
– Rahul Gandhi not seen as a strong national leader
– The confusion of whether it would be Gehlot or Pilot for the coveted                position of CM
– Positioning in the grassroot level where BJP is still strong

Much needs to be seen when the verdict comes out on the 11th of December 2018. As of now, the common man wants answers to simple issues that touch them on an everyday basis.
Unemployment, safety and security, education and wealth sharing are their main concerns. Finally, whichever government comes to power, what will be important to see, is how serious are they, in fulfilling their manifesto promises.



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