You can feast even on a diet; here is how

You can feast even on a diet; here is how
You can feast even on a diet; here is how

Just replacing the word ‘cheat’ with ‘treat’ can change everything! Food is the greatest pleasure, for almost everyone in some way or the other.

Some live to eat, while other eat to live, however, favourites and preferences exist in both the categories. However, being on a weight-loss diet and indulging are something else. This term is referred as ‘cheat meal’ which means cheating on your diet.

The choice of treat meals or cheat meals varies from person to person. When you are dieting and feel like eating your favourite food, here are some points to be considered:

Get free of the guilt

If you feel guilty about indulging it besides denying the pleasure, can lead to emotionally driven or binge eating which may result in reverse weight gain and make you obese or fat. The first tip, thus, would be to free yourself from the guilt of eating your favourite food.

Choose the correct timing

Choose a diet plan in which you can have a weekly or daily cheat meal. However, in case you want to stay away from indulgences until you arrive at a certain targetted weight, nothing would be a problem.

Stick to the indulgences

Choose the food that you truly enjoy such as a pizza, burger, or something sweet. Stick to that food and do not let yourself free on to other food items. It could be anything, yes anything!


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