Know the art of splitting holidays between families after marriage

Know the art of splitting holidays between families after marriage
Representational Image. Know the art of splitting holidays between families after marriage

Are you tired of your busy life schedules and need a holiday? What if your holidays are also tied up and you need time to spend with both the families? Remember, after marriage, the biggest challenge is to balance between both the families equally for both man and woman. There might be times when either side gets offended, however, striking the right balance and standing up for the right thing is the real art of balancing.

When it comes to holidays, without a doubt, there would be house chores to settle, kids if you have, spouses and in-laws (both sides). At times, some holidays would also be caught up in shopping, travelling, partying, cooking, or maintaining.

The first step to balancing is planning with the significant others. Especially, when it comes to occasions, plans and traditions both would not want to give up. The best approach to getting what you want is to find out what your partners want to do with their families and then gradually expressing your wishes for some time off with yours would be a great way to mutually and peacefully come to a compromise.

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Here are some ways to divide holidays between families basis their proximity.

Families living few hours from each other

For major holidays, it is obviously important to spend time with both the parents, so one of the great ways is to split the holidays. Between the holiday calendar, plan the days and time and mutually discuss about the days where both are required together, and where both can split between days or timings. This should also include days when both should spend time alone.

Families living far apart

For parents living far from you, there would be a lot of planning required and a big trip would be needed. Maybe a holiday around a long weekend could be a good idea to spend time with them. However, when both parents live on different corners, between the long weekends, there can be a split of days for both girl’s and boy’s families.

Families staying close

If you stay close to your parents, most of the issues are solved. On a common holiday, spend one half of the day with the husband’s family and the other half with the wife’s family. If the festival involves a puja, you could spend the first half with the wife’s family and the second half with the husband’s family. If the holidays are for siblings such as Raksha Bandhan or Bhai Dooj, there should be no issues as both have different sets of siblings.

In-laws staying with couple

When the couples stay with their in-laws dividing hours between both the families would not be a task. Balancing becomes easier when the husband’s family stays with the couple. Another way is to have either of the parents over to the other’s house in order to have them both together at one place and spend equal time with both. For instance, the girl’s parents can be invited for a meal till high-tea or high-tea till dinner where both parents meet together and have fun. (Subject to bonding between families)

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