UPDATE: NASA’s InSight lands on Mars

NASA’s InSight spacecraft touched down on the Mars early morning on Tuesday (IST). People across the world witnessed the event as it happened on the agency’s website and social media platforms.

The InSight will operate on mars for the next two years ( earth timings) and will be studying deep interior of the plants to dig out clues about its past.

NASA’s Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (InSight) lander landed on the Red Planet after almost seven-month, covering a distance of 300-million-mile (458-million-kilometer).

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Mission control at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, erupted in laughter, applause, hugs and tears as soon as the lander touched down.

After landing, InSight sent in the first picture from its mission.

InSight was launched on 5th May this year and marks NASA’s first Mars landing since the Curiosity rover in 2012.



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