Go blue for UNICEF on World Children’s Day

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Go blue for UNICEF on World Children's Day

Children around the world are welcome to go ‘Blue’ to mark World Children’s Day on 20th November and make sure that every child’s voice is heard.

The #GoBlueForChildren global campaign by UNICEF aims to raise awareness about the rights and needs of children and the need of every child to be in school.

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Universal Children’s Day is celebrated around the world on November 20. It is also the day when the UN General Assembly adopted the declaration of the ‘Rights of the Child’ in 1959.

This year, the UNICEF has planned something special for children around the world.

To promote the campaign, UNICEF launched a promotional video which is slowly taking over the internet.

The 14-year-old actor, Millie Bobby ‘Blue’ symbolically changed her name to mark the occasion said, “World Children’s Day is a fun day with a serious message”.

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Go blue, from India to Australia and Jordan

United Nations suggested November 20 as the date for celebrating Universal Children’s Day. Later on, it was decided that each country will decide its own date to mark Children’s Day.

India celebrates its Children’s Day on 14th November while Australia celebrates on 25th October and Jordan celebrates its Children’s Day on 20th November.

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Across the globe, some of the iconic landmarks will be lighting up blue for World Children’s Day.

To support UNICEF’s global ‘Go Blue’ campaign in India, buildings, corporate houses, monuments such as the Rashtrapati Bhawan, will be lit up in blue.

Petra was seen lit up in blue to celebrate World Children’s Day

UNICEF Australia shared pictures on their twitter handle to celebrate and spread the message of World Children’s Day

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