Now fly from Delhi to Georgia from February next year

Now fly from Delhi to Georgia from February next year
Now fly from Delhi to Georgia from February next year

Indigo airlines plans to begin flights from India to Georgia next year. Direct flights would be operational from February next year from Delhi to Tbilisi. The Airbus 312 type aircraft will be used for this route.

A business meeting was held with TAV Georgia at the Tbilisi International Airport by a company representative in which the operational details of the airlines were talked about. Till now Indigo Airlines is operational in 48 domestic and 11 international destinations and the airline fleet has 195 different aircrafts subject to the duration and type of travel.

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Indigo has been one of the leading airlines and is known for its punctuality and quality of pilots and crew. Known for its economic ticket prices, it has always been a preferred option for travellers when exploring flight options.

Georgia lies at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It is known for its 12th century gigantic cave monastery and a visit to this country is incomplete without a visit to Kakheti which is a primitive wine-growing area in Georgia.

Tbilisi is known for its unique and diverse architecture and picturesque sights as well as the old-world charm of its streets. However, whenever you plan a trip to this country, keep time at leisure, since enough time would be required to explore it properly.

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