Shocking case, a 20 yr old Mumbai model killed, body dumped in a bag

Body of 20-year-old model in Mumbai found in suitcase
Body of 20-year-old model in Mumbai found in suitcase

The 20-year-old model identified as Mansi Dixit was found dead on Monday morning and her body was found in a suitcase stuffed in one of Mumbai’s isolated spots in Malad. The Mumbai police have arrested a student named Muzammil Syed who allegedly had a tiff with the model and ended up killing her.

According to the police reports, Mansi was visiting Syed who she had met over the internet at a relative’s home on Monday. After killing her, he stuffed her body in a suitcase and dumped the suitcase in an isolated spot in Malad. Besides being a model, Mansi was also a partner with an event management company in Mumbai.

The police got information about the suspicious behaviour from the cab driver who Syed used after he felt that something was strange in the 19-year-old boy’s behaviour. Within one hour, the suspect was arrested and on the basis of the autopsy report, it was a confirmed case of murder and destruction of the evidence.


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