Cab driver waits for 1.5 hrs with two women till they get home safely

With stories of sexual misconduct by a cab driving pouring in every day, one often losses hope. And just then, like a lamp in a dark room, something will happen that restores your faith in humanity.

In another such heartwarming incident, a cab driver – Santosh dropped Priyashmita Guha and her mother at their destination. It was 1AM when they reached their destination and unfortunately, the gate to their residence was shut.

Instead of leaving the place, Santosh chose to stay there and waited for 1.5 hrs until they got inside their house.

Expressing her gratitude, Priyashmita Guha took to Twitter to share her experience.

Priyashmita also shared how he kept declining the next ride because he couldn’t leave them alone at night.

Responding to Priyashmita tweet, Uber India tweeted, “The ability to truly go the extra mile and cater to one another in tough times is something that we are proud to recognize in #uberstar Santosh. Thanks for sharing. You made us smile, ear to ear!”

Applauding his gesture, many Twitter users came out in support of Santosh, asking Uber India to reward him.


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