Mountains or Beaches? Take a look to choose the best of both worlds

Should our next vacation be in Goa or Mussoorie? Should it be the landscape mountains or picturesque beaches? These are some of the questions when you plan out your long weekend! The first question arrises, are the mountains calling or the sandy beaches? So here is your list of mountains vacations as well as the beaches:


1. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

The view of gorgeous flowers covering the valley in a carpet of colours, snow-capped mountains and blue skies at the Valley of Flowers, would leave you speechless. Nestled in Western Himalayas, Valley of Flowers is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and can be explored only through trekking. During the months of monsoon, this valley gets concealed with beautifully-hued forests, making the colourful landscape even more fascinating.

2. Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh

The quaint state of Himachal Pradesh is nothing less than paradise and Hampta Pass is one of the prettiest trek destinations in the state. What makes this destination so unbelievably beautiful is the stark contrast of blue alpine lake against rugged terrain, surprising you with their enormity and their unprecedented beauty. The landscape just after monsoon is spectacular, with lush meadows, and tiny flowers littered all around.

4. Kareri Lake trek, Himachal Pradesh
The Kareri Lake is at an elevation of about 3,300 meters that is located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh is one of the high altitude lakes in the Indian Himalayan region. The Kareri Lake trek being one of the alpine treks in the Indian Himalayan region is recommended for experienced trekkers who have prior experience of high altitude trekking.
5. Triund trek, Himachal Pradesh
Triund is a serene and alluring trekking destination. The Triund trek route is exhilarating and super thrilling. The amazing panoramic views from the top at different times of the day – dusk, moonrise, and dawn – highlight the unique charming beauty of Triund.


1. Goa

There is no doubt that Goa is India’s most sought-after holiday destination. Yet, most people travel to Goa only during peak festive times. October to March are the months wherein Goa is packed with tourists, backpackers, foreign travellers and more. Hotels are booked, prices are hiked and the roads are packed with people.

2. Radhanagar Beach, Andamans

Radhanagar Beach on the Havelock Island in the Andamans has been placed at No. 10 in the list for its stretch of white sand with picture perfect waters lined with palm trees, it said. Ngapali beach in Myanmar has topped the list, followed by Nacpan Beach in Philippines and Kata Noi beach in Thailand, it said.

3. Pondicherry

They call it the French Riviera of the East because of the incredible French influences in the Union Territory even today. Pondicherry has it all: beauty, tranquility, great food, excellent wine, pristine beaches, peerless French infrastructure, wonderful Ashrams and a pleasing culture, all at affordable prices. Stay at the Auroville Ashram for a highly reasonable accommodation expense and a fulfilling Pondicherry experience.

4. Gokarna

A faultless beach town in Karnataka, Gokarna is admired by Indians and foreigners alike. It is the idyllic travel destination for those in search of quietude, splendor and some appealing places of worship. You can stay at one of the multiple guest-houses and home stays at cheap prices and spend days without really worrying about the expense of living through a town as pristine as this.

5. Kerala

Popular for its natural fisheries and springs Kerala is a heaven for travel lovers. Called ‘god’s own country’ this coastal town has pristine beaches, hills, lakes, forts and lighthouses – all of this together makes this town a little paradise. 






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