Dance to the tune of this season’s anthem ‘Proper Patola’

Dance to the tune of this season's anthem 'Proper Patola'
Dance to the tune of this season's anthem 'Proper Patola'

The music video of the track ‘Proper Patola’ from the film ‘Namaste England’ has been revealed and the stars of the film have shared it on their Twitter handles. A short clip was also released yesterday to give a hint to the audience.

Parineeti Chopra (Jasmeet) shared the official music video on her Twitter handle.

The video shows both Arjun and Parineeti dancing to some foot-thumping beats at a nightclub. While Parineeti is seen wearing a crop top with a short dazzling jacket, and jeggings, the co-star Arjun has left the fans gaga over his white t-shirt, jacket, and jeans.

The track has been composed by popular rapper, Badshah and is a new version of the original ‘Proper Patola’. The song has been sung by Diljit Dosanjh, Aastha Gill, and Badshah.


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