Ladies, these tips will make you travel ready!

Amsterdam, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Budapest, Madrid, 50 million users, 24 weeks, Smart travel, time to book holiday, holiday
Amsterdam, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Budapest, Madrid, 50 million users, 24 weeks, Smart travel, time to book holiday, holiday

In India, travel is a luxury very few can afford. No, no, it isn’t because there are less places of interest to visit, but because of several other factors. Time, for one is the biggest of them all- none of us manage to squeeze out the time, we have very few leaves et all. The other factor is money. Yes, a big issue. Holidays are quite the expensive affair, thus restricting many people from taking a much-needed break.

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However, the biggest factor of them all is gender. Yes, you read that right. For men, travel is an easier, much feasible option than women. Even though every woman who sets out on a travel isn’t raped or molested, the very fear of being a victim of sexual abuse either prevents them from venturing out alone, or for the ones who do make that bold move, the fear of being raped dampens the mood.

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While we all go gaga over the concept of women empowerment, what we fail to realise is the fact that traveling alone is the best way of feeling empowered. That’s why, NewsMobile brings all the lovely ladies a list of best practices to make travel safer.

Carry a blade or swiss knife

Now, you might feel that I’m being stupid. Trust me, it works. Even though a blade or a swiss knife will not kill or do sufficient damage to anyone who tries to mess around with you, you’ll have a certain level of confidence that will keep these notorious people at bay. Being a journalist I’ve had to travel a lot within cities and trust me, even though I never used my swiss knife ever, the confidence it gave me was astounding.

Note vehicle numbers

Whenever you’re traveling by a cab or auto, make sure you note down the vehicle number and text it to someone you know. If you happen to have a smartphone, switch on your GPS system so that you are in control of the route the driver is taking.

Check for cameras

When it comes to halting somewhere, hotels can be an absolute nightmare. With many hotels now providing services exclusively for women, one big headache is taken care of, but even then if you don’t find yourself any such hotel, inspect the room thoroughly before you book it. Switch off all the lights and if you find a single red dot-like light anywhere, please be warned.

Train for the train journey

If you’re thinking of taking a train, then the best seat to opt for would be the upper seat, because then no one will be able to grope you and make you feel uncomfortable. Also, travel light and try to keep your bags on your seat itself so that you don’t have to be worried. Book your tickets in advance and travel only when you have a confirmed ticket.

Be alert

Be very careful when you travel alone. You might attract unwanted attention by going all blingy, so keep your attire simple and decent. Don’t talk too much with strangers and keep your phone fully charged and recharged. Keep someone updated about your last location too. Be careful about money and try and avoid too much gold jewellery. If someone’s following you, camp at some place for a while till your route is clear. Carry all required documents and plan your journey well.

Have fun!


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