You can form ‘bestie’, ‘bitcoin’ and 300 new words in Scrabble now!

Scrabble players have a bag of 300 new-age words to populate the board with. The Merriam Webster Official Scrabble Players Dictionary has added 300 new slang words to catch up with the new- age, internet-influenced millennial players.

The scrabble dictionary will now include commonly used words like ’emoji’ and ‘ew’, has added a total of 850 words to the official play. They are more on the techy side with words like ‘haptic’, ‘TL; DR’ (too long didn’t read), ‘biohacking’, etc.

The new entrants include ‘bestie’, ‘bizjet’, ‘frowny’, ‘ew’, ‘zomboid’, ‘beatdown’, ‘botnet’, ‘bitcoin’, ’emoji’, and more.

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Merriam-Webster, based in Massachusetts, issued the first Scrabble dictionary in 1976 and has given out updates every four to eight years. The game started out slow but gained steep popularity after it was discovered at a resort in 1952 by a vacationing Macy’s executive, who decided to sell the game to the world’s largest store.

Over its long history, the Merriam-Webster dictionary has drawn criticism for being too ‘prescriptivist’- they are too quick to add new words that appear in everyday language. Even the most recent words added to the Scrabble Dictionary align with the allegation.

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