‘My Move’ feature: This move by Tinder can be superb for women

The dating app, Tinder, in India has rolled out a new feature that is called ‘My Move’ which will enable women to prevent men from starting a conversation even if they have matched the profile. The feature is currently available in Apple’s iOS operating system but soon will be available to the Android users too.

“From user feedback, we have understood that while some women would prefer to exclusively make the first move, many other women do not want to feel like they have to so we are giving them the ability to choose,” Tinder executive Taru Kapoor told CNN.

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Kapoor also said that the feature will be soon made available to other countries also. “Our aim is to continue to provide our users with a low-pressure environment where they feel in charge of the connections they make,” said Kapoor.

Giving controls to women are good and especially in India where crime against women are increasing.


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