A documentary on MH 370 disappearance finally out

A documentary on MH 370 disappearance finally out

A new documentary on the mysterious disappearance of the Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is out. The documentary, ‘Drain the Oceans’ hypothesises how Flight MH370 might have run out of fuel before plunging into the Indian Ocean, reported Sputnik.

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The documentary features a simulation of what might have possibly happened to the plane, as it lost the right engine due to lack of fuel in it, but the autopilot is said to be the reason behind the imbalance that caused a hard left turn, which finally led to the failure of the second engine causing the possible crash into the ocean.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with 239 passengers and crew onboard vanished from the radars on March 8, 2014. A few debris recovered from the Indian Ocean and several other areas were believed to be parts of the missing plane.


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