Ways to make homes accessible for old parents with reduced movement

Ways to make homes accessible for old parents with reduced movement
Ways to make homes accessible for old parents with reduced movement

What happens to you when you think of the word ‘disability’? It is something that creates jitters in one’s mind. Imagine being restricted from doing things that you like just because you are not able to move about much. One feeling that sinks in is dependence on someone such as your family members to take care of you for all your needs. However, if you have old parents in your house who are unable to walk or are in the wheelchair, there are a number of ways to can make things in the house accessible to them.

For those parents who are not able to walk but have plenty of desires need not be depressed as here are some tips on how houses can be made accessible to you.

Tips for homes

  • Make the step-free entry to your homes, a ramp could be a good idea for those who have parents with reduced mobility which they on which they can drag their wheelchairs on their own.
  • The doorways should be made wide enough with and the entrances can be made on low levels.
  • For tiles in the house, go for anti-skid ones, especially in bathrooms and toilets.
  • Fix grab handles and bars and other easy to access plumbing appliances.
  • To bath, a great idea would be to instal shower seats for the elderlies to sit and bathe easily.
  • Use materials such as wood or other non-slip surfaces for floors and completely avoid marble flooring.
  • Instal action handles near all doors and fixtures that could make you lose balance.
  • If the houses are storeyed, get a lift within the house.

Tips for bathrooms and toilets

  • The washroom near the drawing room should be wheelchair friendly which includes all door handles and fixtures properly fitted.
  • Especially near the bathtub or shower area, grab bars are a must.
  • Use level entry for the shower area.
  • Build a walk-in tub along with a seat.
  • Use sinks and faucets with single levers.
  • Keep enough space below the bathroom sink to park the wheelchair.
  • Mirrors should be low-length or full-length.

Tips for kitchens

  • Replace the door knobs with pulls for easier clasping, in case someone is about to slip.
  • Get a cooktop with all controls in the front.
  • Have tables with wheels to keep the crockery, cutlery and other cooking materials that can be pulled close to where you are cooking.
  • If possible, have the kitchen slabs at a similar level in front of which the wheelchair can be placed on which the disabled mothers can cook easily.

Tips for rooms

  • Have remote-controlled beds that can be adjusted as per requirement, if parents are completely unable to walk or sit.
  • Instal the television at the same level as the bed so that viewing it is easy.
  • If you have mirrors and dressers in their rooms, have the dressing table near the bedside and mirror of full length.
  • Use easy-to-operate knobs and levers that open with a single touch.
  • Have toilets attached to rooms to limit movement, if required?
  • Split airconditioners with remote controls should be used in the rooms.



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