Guess what, no plane was hit by a typhoon in China!

A video has been making rounds on social media claiming that an aircraft, apparently a Chinese aeroplane- Dragon Air B-737 was hit by Typhoon in China.

The video shows the aircraft being tossed around by Typhoon Manghut and the caption accompanying it praises the pilot for his amazing flying skills.

The video was also tweeted by an American actor, James Jordan. ” Hoping all my friends in Hong Kong are safe…. And all who have been effected by the terrifying typhoon This pilot needs a medal or something. True hero saving everyone,” he tweeted.

The video has received 50 thousand retweets till now and has been viewed by 3.04 million people.

The video was also shared intensively on facebook.

Fact Check

The video is actually a combination of two videos and one of them is a Computer- generated.

The first segment of the video is a creation by ‘MeniThings.’ It’s a company that specialises in CGI production. They posted this video on their YouTube channel on Jun 14, 2017 with a description reading ‘The most dangerous and extreme crosswind ever caught on video. Commercial airliner spins a full 360 degrees.’

The second segment of the video is real and came out in August 2018. The video, as reported various media is of an evacuation at Shenzen airport.

The video posted by CGTN was titled ‘Five injured during an emergency landing in south China’ with a description that read ‘ Five passengers were injured when a Chinese jetliner made an emergency landing in south China’s Shenzhen City on August 28. Flight JD5759, operated by Capital Airlines, was en route from Beijing to Macao. It was diverted to land in Shenzhen. Authorities said the plane was suspected of encountering wind shear. The investigation is still underway.’

The above videos by MeniThings and CGTN prove that that video that has been going viral is doctored and is fake.


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