India to Italy in Rs 29, the website of this airline says so

Cheap tickets are a dream come true for every traveller. And Air Italy’s website says that the Delhi-Milan roundtrip ticket will cost Rs 29.11, while Delhi-Mumbai will cost Rs 30.325. It could be that Air Italy has made a very European error but it is causing confusion for the travellers. The price of a Delhi-Milan round trip flight on Air Italy’s site is Rs 29.110, which in India translates to twenty nine rupees and eleven paise, but for the Europeans, who use a decimal instead of a comma for monetary values, it means twenty nine thousand rupees one hundred and ten.

Air Italy had announced that it will start non-stop flight services between Milan and Delhi from October 28.


Further confusion arises when the booking process starts. This journalist booked a dummy ticket from Delhi-Milan for Nov 3 and return ticket for Nov 11. The fare, which changes depending on the category and date of travel, was Rs 31637,00 which would mean Rs 31 lakhs sixty three thousand and seven hundred only. However, in European parlance it would mean thirty one thousand and six hundred and thirty seven only.

Fortunately, for the airline, when the online booking procedure reaches the payment stage, the correct rupee denomination appears.


Though not an uncommon mistake, it is an awkward one for an airline, which is well-versed with diversity of cultures and monetary.

At the time of publishing NewsMobile was waiting for a reply from the India representatives of Air Italy.

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