Delhi residents to get new number plates or risk going to jail

Delhi residents to get new number plates or risk going to jail
Delhi residents to get new number plates or risk going to jail

Have you got the high-security registration plates installed in your cars in Delhi? If you have not, this is the right time to do so, else you might land up in jail. The transport department plans to track all vehicles in Delhi without new number plates from next month. In addition to the checking, a public awareness program will also be initiated.

The high-security registration plates are made of aluminium. They are tamper-proof and have other in-built features. The plate has a sticker with the vehicle’s engine, chassis number, and laser-branding of the 10-digit number.

When purchasing new vehicles, the high-security registration plates come pre-installed, however, in the older vehicles, they need to be installed now. The deadline for this is October 13 this year, however, the distribution of the plates will begin from October 2.

According to some estimates, the capital has around 40 lakh vehicles plying on the roads daily that include both two-wheelers and four-wheeler without the new registration plates. 13 centres have currently been authorised across Delhi to fix the new plates. Attempts are being made to refurbish the centres in order to manage the expected huge rush.

The order for the installation of these new vehicle registration number plates was first rolled out by the Supreme Court in 2012 for all states and Union Territories in India by June 15 in that year. Delhi was the first to roll out an initial lot of number plates in April 2012.

Apart from visiting the centres, the government is also making the process online. They are developing a software through which people can apply for a new number plate online by filling in the existing details and making the payment online as well. A date and time-slot will be allotted to the applicants to visit the centre in order to collect their number plates.

The vehicles also have coloured stickers to identify the fuel used to run them. The light blue sticker will be given for petrol and CNG vehicles while orange stickers will be used by diesel vehicle owners. This order has been issued by the apex court.



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