Nuns’ protest continues on day 4; Missionaries of Jesus shields the accused

The group of nuns continue their protest on day 4 against the Bishop, Franco Mulakkal who has been accused for raping a nun in Kerala. The Missionaries of Jesus Congregation on Monday said ‘an innocent soul’ cannot be crucified ‘based on such allegations’ and also called the allegation as ‘baseless’.

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“The allegations of rape are totally baseless. During the time the nun alleged that she was raped, we could see that she was coordinating the bishop’s programmes in Kerala. She alleged that she was raped on May 5, 2014, but even after that the bishop participated in functions at her house on her invitation,” the statement read.

The Kerala nun who has accused the Bishop of raping her multiple times between 2014 and 2016 writes to the Vatican seeking justice. In a statement, the congregation to which the protesting nuns belong, said, “We strongly condemn the protest in Kochi. We cannot crucify an innocent soul based on such allegations.”

Meanwhile, the group of nuns also claim that they have got no support from the police. Rejecting the rape charges, the congregation said, “We doubt the nuns are being forced into this protest by some external influence.”

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Last week, an independent motormouth MLA PC George, shamelessly called the victim a ‘prostitute’ and said “No one has a doubt that the nun is a prostitute. Twelve times she enjoyed it and the 13th time it is rape? Why didn’t she complain the first time?”


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