Chewing gum, frowning, naming a pig; weird laws from around the world

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Chewing gum, frowning, naming a pig; weird laws from around the world

Every country is governed by laws and procedures that help them function smoothly. However, there are many countries in this world that go so neck deep in creating laws that some of them turn out to be unheard of, weird and funny.

In fact, if you break some of these laws, be rest assured that you shall be spending a night or two in a jail. So, be aware, study the laws of the country you visit and try and be on the right side of the system prevalent there.

Here are the top ten, weirdest laws from around the world.

Sightseeing in Greece, chuck the heels!

The Greeks are fiercely protective about their heritage. Athens, Olympia are ancient sites that they revere. And if it means changing shoes, so be it!
Wearing high heels in ancient sites is a big no-no, as it effects the floors of the monument.
So, avoid or be prepared to be publicly snubbed.

Flushing the toilet in the middle of the night – If its Switzerland, then don’t!

Most places in Suisse land are averse to the sound of flushes in the middle of the night. Cops can be called and complaints can be made. An unsaid taboo of 10 pm is a legitimate and known fact. Beyond this, can be a hindrance to the sleep of people.

Leave the frown at home when in Milan

Now, this one is unusual. Wearing a frown on your face is unacceptable in Milan. It is only when you are at serious places like a hospital or a funeral, that a frown is considered ok. For all other places, keep the smile on. Not only will it cheer you up but will also help in keeping the fights at bay.

Chappals, flip flops are comfy, but not when you drive in Spain

Nothing like slipping into a pair of comfortable chappals and head out for a relaxed drive. But wait, is it Spain you are in? Then hang on…the chappals can cost you a night in the jail.
The Spanish believe that flip-flops can decrease the ability of the driver to control a vehicle. Henc e the law! Safety, after all, comes first.

Chewing a gum can get you pretty stuck in Singapore

It is illegal to chew gum in Singapore. In fact, more than the chewing part, it is how people dispose it is a concern with the authorities. So, next time, be cautious…the gum could get you in a sticky position before you even realise.

The doggy world of Oklahoma, USA
It is unlawful to torment and pull faces at a service dog in Oklahoma. Sure, the dogs do call the shots here! Stay clear.

Dare to bare in Fiji? You better not
Don’t dare to bare too much here. Being topless on beaches is a strict no here. Also, in rural areas, the women need to keep their shoulders covered. So, next time, carry the gear before it gets too messy.

Jumping up and down in muddy puddles can be fun! But not Japan
Splashing over pedestrian’s, while driving on the roads, is an illegal activity. The positive is that, it promotes safe driving and respect for fellow walkers. The Japs are very particular about this etiquette. Hence, keep your speedometer in control and watch out for muddy puddles!

The world of feathered citizens in Venice
It is illegal to feed pigeons in Venice. The authorities will issue a warning if you are caught once. But repetition will lead to a fine. So, fly far away when you spot a pigeon in Venice.

You cannot always decide the name of your pet pig in France
It is illegal to name a pig, ‘Napoleon’ in France. Now that’s some testimony of respect for the great leader. The French mean business, so, no messing in their ways. Keep a pig but be mindful of the name you christen it with.


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