Parents allege abuse of their 3 year old in a Delhi school

Parents allege abuse of their 3 year old in a Delhi school
Parents allege abuse of their 3 year old in a Delhi school

On September 9, a 3.7-year-old girl studying in Rosary Senior Secondary School in Kingsway Camp returned home in Dhkha Village in Kingsway Camp in the afternoon from her school.

Her mother was changing her clothes in the room when she found internal bleeding from her private area. She got terrified and informed her husband Sumit Arora about the incident.

On seeing this, on being advised by the grandparents, they rushed her to a nearby hospital to show her to the gynaecologist.

On being examined, the doctor informed the parents that she had been abused or harmed by someone.

As expected, they rushed to the police station with their doctor to file a complaint and take some action. The SHO of the police station met them and told them to relax and that they would get back to the parents on receiving more evidence.

The next day, however, they did not hear from either the police officers or the SHO until half of the day. On getting slightly restless, they went to the police station again to ask the police for any progress.

When they reached, a group of 4-5 ladies were waiting for the mother and daughter to interrogate them saying that they were counselling them. They tortured both of them with their awkward questions and compelled the mother to write a complaint.

Meanwhile, the father called up the SHO and was told that he along with his team were sitting in the school and watching the CCTV camera footage. When the SHO came back he told the parents that nothing was done in school, therefore, it could be someone at home or in a personal relationship. Further, he added that further investigations could land them in trouble and get them trapped in a case as well.

The parents got scared and did not know what to do and hence, took to social media to spread the news of the incident to find assistance and justice for their 3-year-old daughter.





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