Stress can indeed be ‘stressful’; 6 techniques that help manage pressure

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Stress can indeed be 'stressful'; 6 techniques that help you fight the pressure

Office stress is fast becoming a hazardous menace confronting people. According to research, the percentage of people who are stressed at work is only getting higher by the year.
Stress of any kind, has dire consequences. It leads to significant health effects that can range from flu and viral to heart diseases. And these are only the physical issues. Problems like depression, anxiety and other syndromes are stark realities too.
So, how does one handle it. A stress-free situation is a dream. However, what can be achieved are ways that can help us handle this pressure. Here are some stress management techniques that can help.

Starting off right is the mantra –
For most office goers, the pressure starts even before they enter their offices. Getting kids to school, breakfast, morning chores at home, traffic etc play on our minds without us even knowing the effects. Research states that a stressful start to a day results in more stress throughout the day.
So, what can be done. Planning helps. Plan a week or a day in advance, for the next day. Start with a proper breakfast, a positive attitude and a plan in hand. A lot can be achieved with these simple techniques.

Clarity on expectations
Be up on your game of future needs and goals. This will help you understand your present expectations better. A person without clarity of where the road leads to, will always remain confused. Talk to your supervisor or other concerned people for the right approach, in case you are unsure.
Clarity always helps to de clutter.

Conflict resolution –
Interpersonal conflicts in office take a toll physically and mentally. Sometimes, personal problems start to play on our mind too. Conflicts need resolution. Ignoring them can create even more trouble. Stay away from office gossip, voice opinion only if work related and stay clear from issues that aren’t in your periphery of work.

Multi-tasking is a stark truth –
Practically, each one of us need to multi task. There is no escaping that. The best way forward is to plan for contingencies, meetings, emergencies and keep some time off for events that come unawares. Only then can you keep stress at bay.

Music and hobbies help –
Benefits of following a hobby or a passion are immense. Listen to music, get back to meaningful reading or whatever else that makes you happy and relaxed. Switch off from office work and focus on calming your body and soul. Helps you prepare for the next day of juggles.

Breath in breath out –
A deep breath clears the mind. Simple office exercises can be followed. A ten-minute walk post lunch or a walk meeting with a colleague, yoga for the neck and the back – are some ways in which you can calm your tensed body.

Destressing is integral to our growth. A sound mind will always have more to give.


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