Here’s what lunch hour around the world is like

Here's what lunch hour around the world is like
Here's what lunch hour around the world is like

It is true that lunch is the most important meal of the day. One can skip dinner, but lunch is never a forgotten meal in any household. Of course, the duration of the lunch hours differ from place to place or even from country to country. However, it is sad but true, that people now have started taking their lunch for granted.

As exciting are the different cultures of the world, a hearty lunch would always keep the palate and the mind satisfied. So, here’s a look around of lunch hours around the world.


When it comes to a lunch break, France is the first country that pops up in our minds for the longest breaks in the world which lasts for 3 hours with a one-hour nap. The lunchtime for the French begins as early as 11.30 am and ends as late as 5.00 pm. A lunch plate in France consists of baguettes filled with ham, cheese, and vegetables.


In Greece, a typical lunch break is between 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm. One of the most popular lunch dishes of this country is the moussaka or the meat ground with potatoes and vegetables. Sandwiches and salads are eaten as accompaniments with the main dish.


The main meal of the day in Mexico is also lunch which goes on for two hours. Starting with soups and salads, the meal also consists of tacos or tortillas as the main course. Three-course meals are quite common in this country as long conversations are best had during a hearty lunch for them.


China is one of the newest entrants to follow suit for long lunch breaks in the world. Spread over two hours, a staple Chinese lunch includes soups, broths, rice cakes, meats, or vegetables. For Chinese, three meals in a day are what they thrive in. Their lunchtime is usually from 12 noon to 2 pm.


Japanese are often known to be always on-the-go which is why Bento Boxes or sushi boxes are very common among them. However, the average lunch hour for Japan is one hour from 1 pm to 2 pm. However, you would not really find people talking while eating in Japan as for them, when they eat, they should just be eating.


In India, lunch is actually a luxury and lunch breaks can vary from anywhere between 15 minutes to one hour. In many offices, employees even stand and eat their lunch to complete the pending tasks in a hurry. Not just this, many offices also allow their employees to eat at their workstations. They usually eat a typical Indian meal of chapatis and a vegetable or rice for lunch.


Americans are known to be the busiest people and when it comes to lunch as well, this holds true for them. A leisurely lunch for them would mean wasting minutes of their work hours. They either eat on their desks or pick food from the nearest outlets and eat while driving if going for a meeting. You will never find them sitting idle. Last night left-overs are what the Americans usually eat, else burgers or sandwiches are the staples for them while working.



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