1 in every 50 travellers meet their soul mate on a flight; read on!

Meet the 'love of your life' on a flight; 1 out of 50 travellers vouch for this

Most times, traveling long distance, conjures up images of an airplane buzzing with activity, hundreds of passengers rushing to catch their flights, overcrowded terminals, snack bars, executive lounges that help you relax during the long haul ordeal or as you await the boarding call, a drink or two during the flight and a tray of food to satiate the hunger pangs. At best, you can hope to get compassionate, kind and smiling air hostesses and stewards to assist you.

But hold your breath! This isn’t just what an airplane offers. A surprising result has come out from a survey that was conducted by HSBC a month ago.
1 in every 50 travellers meet the love of their life on a plane. Astonishing and unbelievable, but totally true.

According to the survey, which asked more than 5,000 respondents across the globe about their flight experiences and the onboard connections they’ve made, this is a fact.

The survey was conducted in July 2018 and included responses from people across 141 different countries. Some of the results are as follows –
• 16 percent of the travellers formed a business connection on a flight.
• 14 percent struck a long-lasting friendship with folks they met while flying.
• 51 percent of the respondents said they had a conversation with a stranger during a flight.
• And the big one that 1 out of 50 met their partner for life during travel.

In todays technological world, this fact has been made even easier with the advent of dating apps that are easily available. There are several apps that can help you connect with fellow fliers during your journeys.
For example, btrfly connects you with travellers across 380 airports around the world when you input your flight information or airport, while web-based app Planely works like a social network for the skies, as it connects you with fellow travellers who have mutual interests. Helps you to meet during meet up in-flight or on the ground.

In addition to the 5000 respondents, interviews were conducted with 2,150 more people from 141 countries in which participants were asked about the likelihood of meeting ‘their chosen one’ while flying miles above the ground. These people were across countries like Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Travel has never been so intriguing as it now seems to be. So next time you fly, you never know, the person of your dreams might be in the seat right next to you!


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