First day at work? Do’s and don’ts to follow at the new workplace

First day at work? Do’s and don’ts to follow at the new workplace

A new job is always nerve racking. An unknown place, new colleagues, boss, workplace culture; these can make any person jittery. But, if you are well prepared, in control of the situation and confident, many of these anxieties can be handled.

Here is a list of some dos’ and don’ts which can help you on your first day at work.

Cliched, but it works; first impressions matter –
The way you dress, talk and conduct yourself can be important in the way others perceive you. It does form a first opinion. Even though the company may be casual and informal in the stated clothing protocol, don’t cross the line on your first day. A simple yet elegant way of dressing can work well for you.

Preparations helps –
Read about the company. Know the business you shall be a part of. Extra knowledge works well. Not only does it empower you with confidence, it also helps you be better prepared to ask questions and be a part of the company’s growth.

Confidence is the key –
Don’t undermine yourself. Remember, you are there because you were selected for a certain role. They liked certain attributes that you possess. It matches with the organisation’s ethos. Leverage them.

Listen, understand and then talk –
To be able to listen earnestly, in the first few weeks of joining the new place, can work wonders for you. Understand, take in and then hit the ground with the tasks your managers expect you to do.

Positive attitude –
Be pleasant, enthusiastic and friendly with everyone you come in contact with. Be eager to come forward and take up new responsibilities. Let your work speak for you.

Take initiative –
Don’t wait for your boss or colleague to come and tell you what to do. Once you have understood the ways of the organisation and your role requirements, come forward and take initiatives. If extra work come your way, don’t hesitate. Volunteer after weighing your existing plate.

Get to know your co-workers –
Build a rapport with your colleagues and get to know them in a smart way. Don’t overburden them with familiarity. Join some office clubs. But avoid office gossip. You don’t want to be quoted by getting involved in loose talk. Doesn’t work for your image.

Be organized –
You may feel confused, lost and not in sync the first few days. But, that’s normal. Get organised. Keep track of meetings, projects and deadlines. Maintain a diary and a calendar so that you do not miss anything important.

A first impression works wonder for you. Not just in the way people regard you in the organisation, but also on your own confidence. A new workplace can become interesting, familiar and exciting, only if the right framework is adopted.


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