9 hacks to take better photos while travelling

9 hacks to take better photos while travelling
9 hacks to take better photos while travelling

A high-resolution phone has the capability of taking much better pictures while travelling than any digital camera that you can possibly think of.

Have you noticed that pictures clicked by some people on their vacations are as good as what you see in posters or postcards? They could be of the Eiffel Tower or The Leaning Tower of Pisa, one would always try to capture shots of these iconic structures. However, the next time you travel, move out of the postcard zone and try creating your own iconic memories through photos.

Do you by any chance remember your last vacation? What is the fondest memory of that vacation? Is it the famous spots or the places you stopped to eat or the colourful markets around?

Here are some hacks to keep in mind next time when clicking photographs during your vacation.

Capture signages in pictures

Creatively painted store signs, city street signs, or names of fruits and vegetables mentioned with vendors in the local languages, would add life to your pictures.

Try getting people in frames

It would be a great idea to feature local people of a place in your frame instead of tourists. Better still would be to capture them indulging in their daily duties such as someone buying grocery or people drinking coffee sitting at an outdoor cafe.

Avoid cliche family shots

Instead of taking group family shots of everyone standing together and posing, click random shots such as of kids playing or eating a bite of their dish or your husband reading a newspaper while drinking coffee or a pint of beer.

Take a handful of frames to craft photo stories

Set the background with a big shot of an ancient market followed by some close-ups of items sold in the market. Your next few shots could be of kids laughing, people exchanging items or money, and more. They can be created into beautiful montages and pasted to your home walls.

Food photography could be an interesting part

Of course, since any vacation is incomplete without delicious food, capturing that food in your phone’s camera could create fantastic memories for life. The first thing to remember here is to take a seat close to the window for a nice view. Then take shots of the food you are eating and enjoy.

Plan a theme for a day

This would help you plan your travel better, however, be open to changing the theme if you find anything else better through the day. For instance, if you are shooting pictures of an interesting place or tourist attraction around, it is perfectly fine to click a street around that place. However, mixing too many themes could make the pictures look boring later.

Turn off the flash

Avoid using the flash feature in your phones as far as possible as this form would show details of only objects just three feet away from you keeping the remaining photo dark and gloomy.

Enhance using effects through apps

There are several apps that you can download to add effects to your pictures. Go all creative with the photos and develop interesting stories. Effects such as montages, blur effects, etc. are some of the effects that work well with travel.

Some post-shoot editing may be required

After you have finished clicking your pictures, you can make them better with some post-shoot editing with the help of editing software. You can make your photo look dramatic and as natural as possible.




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