WATCH: This pilot takes ‘Kiki Challenge’ to a whole new level

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WATCH: This pilot takes 'Kiki Challenge' to a whole new level

‘Kiki challenge’ also known as ‘Shiggy challenge’ has been the internet sensation for a while now.

The challenge that requires one to get out of a moving vehicle and dance to the initial lines of Canadian rapper Drake’s latest hit ‘In my feelings’ song. In a recent video that went viral on the internet, a pilot took up the challenge to a next level as she grooved to the song in an airport as the airplane moves slowly by their side.

The Pilot, reportedly named, Alejandra Manriquez, took up the ‘Kiki challenge’ to a next level by dancing beside a moving aircraft. As she decided to take a short break from her work hours, the pilot was seen performing the ‘Kiki challenge’. In the video, she was seen pushing one of the levers in the pilot’s chamber before getting off the airplane and matched her steps to Drake’s lyrics. She was joined by a flight attendant who also danced with Manriquez in uniform.

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The dance-challenge became an online sensation after internet comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself on Instagram dancing to the popular song, however not beside a moving car. Social media websites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with dance videos that showed people opening the passenger door of a car and moving out to dance alongside the moving vehicle. In fact, the challenge was taken up by many Hollywood stars and eminent personalities including Will Smith and Hugh Jackman.

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Moreover, various versions of the challenge went up on social media, while some were seen dancing to Drake’s song underwater few of them were spotted dancing amidst heavy traffic. The animal versions of the challenge also went viral on social media platforms, where animals from pet dogs to giraffes, were recorded performing the ‘Kiki’ move. However, several fails were also recorded and many people were reportedly injured trying to perform the challenge.

The Internet has staged several online challenges this year. The Dele Alli’s Hand Challenge is the latest trending challenge on social media at the moment. The challenge which is inspired by England National Team’s footballer Dele Alli’s hand move, after scoring a goal in one of the recent matches, has taken the internet by a storm. It became an instant hit, and people across the globe posted their attempts trying to replicate the same gesture. Moreover, the ‘snoot challenge’, which requires the pet dogs to put their nose inside their owner’s hands, and an optical illusion ‘hand-swap’ challenge has taken over the internet too.

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