Do ghosts & haunted places excite you? Check out India’s top 10

Do stories of ghosts & haunted places excite you? Check out India's top 10

Ghosts, haunted houses, eerie music, spooky books; these are some things that have fascinated humans since time immemorial. Dozens of movies dedicated to this genre get churned out every year at the box office. And even though we love the thrill, few of us would actually have the nerve to venture into such places. But if you are the ‘chosen’ few and have the grit to experience such phenomenon, then head to these locations in India. Whether the ghost is real or not, the excitement will definitely give you an adrenaline rush.

These are the top 10 most talked about haunted places in India.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan:
Located on way to Alwar in Rajasthan, this palace is a sure shot scare.
As per legend, a black magic sorcerer once cursed the residents of the palace to death. It is these very spirits that are known to roam the place. Interestingly, houses here are without roof tops, as they collapse as soon as one is built. Visitors are not allowed to stay here post dusk.

Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

It is a popular tourist site but there are no known records of who built it and when. People claim that something invisible follows them and the faster they run the quicker it chases. At present, it is under the umbrella of ASI, since it has historical significance.

Residency, Lucknow
It is said to be haunted especially the ‘Main House’, which is also a museum. The guards and the people have noticed paranormal activities and have heard sounds in the basement.

Dow hills, Darjeeling, West Bengal

It is popularly known as the ‘death road’ by the locals. It is said that a headless boy chases the visitors and then eventually disappears into the wood. Locals are known to say that there are many instances of people who have witnessed this sight and have committed suicide out of depression.

D’Souza Chawl
Located in Mahim, Mumbai, it is a famous place known for its eerie activities. Residents of the chawl believe that there was a woman, who while filling water from the well, plunged to her death since the well was boundary-less.

Popularly addressed as ‘the lady of the well’, she is said to haunt the place. However, the residents believe she doesn’t mean harm and disappears once the Sun comes up.

The Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune
Apart from being a famous historical site, it is also known for other interesting facts.
Legend has it that during a full moon, the level of supernatural activity increases. The mystery concerns a young prince who was brutally murdered by one of his relatives in the fort and his spirit now haunts the place. Sounds of loud shrieks are said to have been heard here.

Delhi Cantt, Delhi
A well-known story in Delhi, this is a chilling one! If rumours are to be believed, a lady in a white dress asks for a lift. If you pass by without offering to help, she chases you as fast as the car and attempts to sit inside.

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan
This is a deserted village in Rajasthan. According to legend, residents who had dwelled here for centuries vanished overnight. Since 1800’s this village has been deserted.

Writers Building, Kolkata
The writers’ building exists from the times of the British era. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during a natural disaster.
According to stories, the soul of Late Captain Simpson who worked with the British East India Company dwells in this building ever since he was murdered by three revolutionaries. Residents claim that they have heard footsteps and voices post sunset.

The Mansion, Residency Road, Pune
Pass by this place and you may hear terrifying sounds, weird laughter and loud screams late at night. The locals are of the opinion that a wicked old lady’s ghost resides here.

Enough dope for a daredevil act then? Try it out.


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