All you need to know about US mid-term elections

The United States Midterm Elections are just under 3 months away. Here is a quick guide to understanding what are they and how they impact the President, Legislators and the citizens of the America.

In the United States, Midterm elections are held at the halfway mark of a president’s term. They are held at state and local levels, and determine which party will control the United States House of Representatives and Senate, which make up the legislative branch of the government. Midterm Elections also serve as good indicators of public perception about the President.

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The 2018 elections will be held on November 6, 2018, with primary elections already underway all across the country. In just 100 days, citizens from several states will elect new Senators and House of Representatives to run the legislative branch of the United States Federal government. Of the 100 US Senators, 33 will be fighting in the elections. As for the House of Representatives, all 435 seats will be up for election.

The election are crucial for both Republicans and Democrats, the two major political parties in the United States. Both sides are eager to win as many seats as possible so they can control the legislative branch of the government, which will allow them to pass the laws they want.

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Donald Trump’s Republican Party currently has majority in both the House, and Senate. The infamous 2016 Presidential Elections allowed to Republicans to take full control of all branches of the government. Now, after two years of the Trump presidency, Democrats finally have an opportunity to make a comeback, and hopefully regain control of the legislative branch. This will allow them to undo Trump’s immigration, environment, and healthcare policies which have been heavily criticized by many.

The 2018 elections may also decide the future of Trump’s controversial presidency. His antics on twitter and conservative policies have offended and upset many, not to mention his ties with Russia have been under scrutiny ever since he won 2 years ago. Democrats have been very open about their dislike for the country’s leader, and will most certainly attempt to impeach him if they are able to successfully win the elections.

With the elections just 3 months away, candidates from both parties are gearing up for intense campaigning, rallies, and battles. If the 2016 election was anything to go by, this election too, will be loaded with hateful rhetoric and name-calling. President Trump is already on the campaign trail. He was recently in Pennsylvania and Ohio, rallying for the Republican Senate, House, and Gubernatorial candidates. Despite his efforts, and the large amount of financial aid being given to Republicans to maintain control of the government, political pundits are confident that the elections will won by the Democrats.

However, it is still too early to say anything. The election could still go either way. With political tension at an all time high, American citizens will be very eager to go out and cast their votes this November.

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