Sony’s adorable AIBO is here to give you company

Sony, the Japanese tech company that specializes in entertainment, has created several remarkable products over the years. The Walkman changed the way we listened to music, making it completely portable and convenient. The Playstation completely changed the way we played games on our televisions and computers.

Now, Sony has combined two things almost everyone loves- dogs, and robots! Yes, Sony has just released the long awaited AIBO robotic dog, an AI companion robot that users can interact with in numerous different ways.

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The AIBO first debuted several years ago in 1999. Back then, it was quite simplistic and basic. The big breakthrough for Sony came only recently, when they began incorporating machine learning into their products, allowing them to create a far more realistic and intuitive robotic pet.

With a price tag of $3000, this gadget surely doesn’t come cheap. But it’s packed with some amazing features. AIBO uses cameras and sensors to map a user’s house, so it can easily move around without getting damaged.

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The pet has several different facial expressions based on how you interact with it. Are you in an excited and joyous mood? AIBO will be energetic and playful! Had a long day at work and need to unwind? AIBO will be calm, docile, and will help cheer you up. Beware though! It can even throw tantrums and fuss around if you don’t give it enough love and affection!

It also has the ability to recognize faces, differentiate between its owner and a stranger, and also remember interactions with people. Over time, its personality develops based on the information it learns about it’s owners behaviours, moods and emotions. AIBO can also perform several tricks through voice commands, just like a real dog would.

Sony will release this new invention for a limited time only, but promises that AIBO will be back very soon, perhaps this time with a feline companion

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