Did Trump colour the US flag incorrectly? Here are the facts

POTUS at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio Thursday

President Trump is being mocked on social media for appearing to incorrectly colour the US flag during a visit to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio Thursday.

First hurdle to clear – did he go Ohio at all? Yes, he did go Ohio and visit the said hospital. See the tweet below and the picture on the right hand side bottom.

The second is to see photograph, which was taken when the president was colouring the flag with some children. It seems Trump coloured one stripe blue (the stripes in the US flag are red and white in colour).

close-up of the picture


So, from the pictures it seems Trump did indeed colour the stripes in the US flag blue, which is incorrect.

The controversy started when someone tweeted a close-up photo (above) of the American flag Trump had colored in while sitting with kids who were also coloring.

While some users responded by joking that Trump was trying to depict the white, blue, and red striped Russian flag, others defended the president, including one person who wrote, in part, “This is the dumbest tweet I’ve ever seen. Literally picking hairs over someone coloring with children.”

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