Want to shell out less for iPhone? Head to these countries

To be true, buying an iPhone is a hole in the pocket. To but an iPhone firstly you need to decide if you really want to buy it or not, if you are really needy and secondly you have to check you bank balance that how much will be left after spending it on an iPhone and for the next few months go hungry (just kidding).

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The procedure of taking an iPhone is a pain but if you want to be buy an iPhone and your relative or even you are going to any of these places don’t forget to purchase an iPhone. iPhone 8 costs around RS 86,000 in India, whereas iPhone X costs around Rs 89,000. So here are the places where iPhone X are cheaper than India:

  1. USA- It costs around Rs.64,000 to Rs.73,700
  2. Hong Kong- It costs around Rs.70,500 to Rs.81,100
  3. UAE- It costs around Rs.71,600 to Rs.82,600
  4. Singapore- It costs around Rs.80,186
  5. Australia- It costs around Rs.81,000 to 93,800
  6. UK- It costs around Rs.84,600 to Rs.97,300
  7. New Zealand- It costs round Rs.83,500 to Rs.97,400

Hurry and plan a trip to any of these places and grab your iPhone!


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