Hey man, do you know your shoes? Read on find out more

Hey man, do you know your shoes? Read on find out more
Hey man, do you know your shoes? Read on find out more

Who says only women fancy beautiful and trendy footwear? Women are not the only ones to stack a collection of footwear in their closets. Even men need footwear for different purposes and need a collection in their wardrobe.

What do you expect when you go to purchase a pair of shoes for yourself? It must be the comfort, the price, and the look. If one goes for modern and trendy designs, comfort cannot be guaranteed and if one goes for comfort, the look may not be as required.

For men, if they go for the best quality of sneakers, they can come for a lower price as compared to designer shoes. It is true that a man can carry the world on his shoulders, but the right footwear can carry the man. Owing to this reason, a right collection of footwear must be a part of every man’s closet.

Here are some must-have varieties of shoes for men suited for different purposes.


Oxfords are one of the best kind of shoes a man can wear. These shoes originated from Ireland and Scotland and gained popularity by students of Oxford University when they revolted against the mandatory knee-length and ankle-length boots. They can be worn with dress pants and are commonly found in black and brown colours. Some more types of Oxfords include wingtips, bucks, and cap-toe. The wingtips are designed with tiny holes to let water pass through and toes are pointed with extensions.


For a semi-formal attire, loafers come in place. These are dressy boat shaped shoes and one can slip them on and off which also adds the desired comfort. They work as a perfect blend for business days and parties. They can be worn without socks, and no, your feet will not stink. However, if you wish to wear socks, you can pull them off with brighter and lighter colours. Moccasins and boat shoes can also be a replacement for loafers, incase you are looking at designs and solid loafers.


Your casual look would be incomplete without a fine pair of sneakers from any of the sportswear brands. Though you cannot expect style or anything fancy in these, a man must possess these. Simple colours such as black or blue are the best as these shoes can also be used as daily wear shoes for rough use. Among sneakers, you can go in for trainers if you need something for your morning walks or work out at the gym. They are the most comfortable form of footwear and can never let you feel tired.


This is the only type of footwear that can keep you comfortable in the harshest winter. The origin of the boots is credited to military and explorer regions which were used in rugged terrains as well. No quality of boots can beat the traditional leather ones, however, they need to polished regularly to maintain the neatness and shine. Chelsea, Combat, Wingtips, and Hybrid boots are the other varieties of boots a man could possess. Leather boots can be replaced by suede, if leather is not a comfortable material or in case you oppose original leather.

Flip flops

Flip flops are a classic kind of footwear that is readily found on beaches and streets across the world. They are usually worn at home when you are in a relaxed environment. The selections of flip flops for men include regular rubber flip flops, leather flip flops, sandals, and dress sandals. So, kick back and relax in a pair of this footwear.


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