Fall in love with authentic Italian cuisine as Chef Pierluigi brings Roman dishes to India

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Fall in love with authentic Italian cuisine as Chef Pierluigi brings Roman dishes to India

If you love the Italian food then it a celebration for you as the authentic Roman cuisine has arrived at Sevilla at The Claridges Hotels in the Lutyens Delhi.

The authentic Roman Food Festival is underway featuring celebrated Chef Pierluigi Gallo who brings with himself the traditional ways of cooking native Roman dishes which will be traditional Italian food at its best.

Chef Pierluigi Gallo, a maestro with generations of culinary expertise came to India with his special menu for the food enthusiasts in India. His menu will take your taste bud on a Romanian ride with Chef’s special and native ingredients.

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Beginning with delicious soups like Cheese and Egg Buttons in Roasted Fish Stock or Green Tomato Extract, Lemon Basil and Cod in oil-based cooking, the guest can then focus on starters like Salmon Salad with Cacciatore Sauce, Octopus, Beans

and Onion Sorbet in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Lamb Tartare, Truffle and Grilled Lamb Mayonnaise, Low-Tempered Egg, Bacon, Potato Foam, and Cocoa to name a few.

The gourmet features the best in pasta with Ravioli with Scampi Lemon, Pink Pepper and Tarragon, Ricotta Gnocchi with Mint and Cherry Tomatoes Confit, Provola Eggplant Tortelli and Roasted Tomato and Fettuccine.

But the unforgettable main course will just turn out to be a blessing to your hungry soul with Braised Lamb Chop Chickpea Mayonnaise, Potato Millefeuille;

Amarena Laccata Grouper, Spinach, Fried Alioli Sauce, Sour Cherry Yoghurt; Duck Breast Glazed with Apple and Onion Extract, Almond Ice cream and Sour Broccoli; Lobster Croquettes, Pea Sauce, Ice-cold Watermelon and Roast Potatoes.


And after the treating your stomach, desserts like Ricotta, Creamy Chocolate and Raspberries and Coconut White Chocolate and Passion Fruit will be a cherry on the top.

Venue: Sevilla, The Claridges, 12, A.P.J Abdul Kalam Road, New Delhi, 110011

Timing: Dinner- 1900Hrs – 2345 Hrs

Duration of Festival: Till August, 29th 2018


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