Google Deepmind makes revolutionary breakthrough in ophthalmology

London-based company Deepmind, owned by Google, a part of the Alphabet Group, has made a breakthrough in healthcare. It has successfully incorporated artificial intelligence technology to diagnose eye conditions. This could potentially save several people from sight threatening diseases.

The company recently released a study showing how they deployed artificial intelligence to detect over 50 eye diseases as accurately as an expert doctor.

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The London-based company first started working on this two years ago, with the aim of using intelligence to improve quality of life. Now, after intensive research, their hard work has finally paid off. The company believes that its system has 94% accuracy, and are confident that the technology will transform the way eye exams are conducted. Using AI to conduct tests will allow doctors to identify diseases earlier, and decide a course of action well before patients are at risk of losing their sight.

AI is the latest craze in the tech world, with companies from every industry incorporating it into their services. Its applications seem to be absolutely limitless. Researchers have used machine learning to classify heart anatomy using ultrasound scans. AI is also being tested to help emergency services in Europe detect heart attacks.

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