Unearth the secrets of flying before your next flight

Unearth the secrets of flying before your next flight
Unearth the secrets of flying before your next flight

Whether you are a frequent flyer or fly once a year, there would be a few things you would not know about your flights.

From safety announcement and measure to someone dying on a plane, there are a number of facts that you should know now before you book your next flight.

Lavatories in aeroplanes can be opened from outside too

Yes, you can open the lavatories in aeroplanes from outside as well, so be sure to be holding on to the door latch even after locking the door from inside. There is an external lock mechanism hidden right below the no smoking symbol on the door. This is usually used by attendants to save passengers from getting locked inside.

The emergency mask pumps oxygen for maximum fifteen minutes

The emergency masks in the plane that are used for oxygen supply can usually pump for maximum fifteen minutes, however, you do not need to worry as pilots usually land the aircraft before the oxygen supply runs out of the masks. Remeber to put your masks on in case of an emergency situation over your nose and mouth immediately, as the effect of it is the best within the first 30 seconds.

Think twice before ordering tea or coffee on a plane

A series of tests were conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency that revealed that on many aircrafts, drinking water is unsafe to drink due to the high levels of coliform. Coliform is harmful bacteria found in human faeces. Though now flights are required to get drinking water tested before serving, you may want to be on guard and avoid it.

Dimming the lights of a plane are meant for preparation from a potential evacuation

If you thought that dimming the lights of a plane are meant to put you off to sleep all this while, you were wrong. This is actually done so that the passengers can be accustomed to the dark lighting, in the case of an emergency evacuation during takeoff or landing. So, according to you, it is for the comfort of passengers, but in reality, it is a precaution taken by the flight attendants.

Your flight’s captain has authorities

The captain flying your plane has the authority to take actions such as writing fines, refusing to take sick passengers, or take a will once the doors of the plane close. In short, the captain or pilot in command is the ultimate authority on your plane.

The boarding pass you carry has hidden information

Do you refer to your boarding pass just to see your seat number, flight number, boarding gate and personal details? What if we told you that the same pass holds a lot of other valuable information as well. The first two letters that you see printed before the flight number refer to your airline. The numbers given after the letters actually tell you the direction in which your flight will be taking. All odd numbered flights fly in the north and even numbered ones fly in the south.

Your flight attendant could be your baby delivery doctor

The flight crew is given practical training apart from serving guests on the plane and some of the technical qualifications they hold include putting out fires through stimulators, diagnosing illnesses, stopping nosebleeds, delivering babies in case of an emergency, and splinting broken limbs.


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