HRD Ministry’s new rules will make you think twice before using plagiarism

The HRD Ministry made new rules and regulations and according to those, the teachers who are found guilty of plagiarism may lose their jobs and the students if found guilty can lose their registration from the schools. The HRD ministry approved new regulations on plagiarism drafted by the UGC ( University Grants Commission).

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The UGC approved the regulations in March in 2018 and graded punishment for plagiarism. According to a gazette notification, plagiarism up to 10-40% will invite a penalty and will have to submit their research papers and between 40-60% the students will be debarred, above 60% the student’s registration will be canceled.

Teachers whose academic and research papers have similarities ranging from 10%-40% with other papers with other papers will be asked to withdraw the manuscript. In case the similarities are between 40-60% they will not be allowed to supervise new masters. In case of above 60%, the faculty members will be suspended.

“Upon receipt of such a complaint or allegation, the DAIP shall investigate the matter and submit its recommendations to Institutional Academic Integrity Panel (IAIP) of the Higher Education Institutions (HEI).

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Parliament on Thursday informed that the UGC found three cases of plagiarism in writing Ph.D. thesis.


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