Fugitive Choksi’s lawyer confirms ‘loose alliance with Congress’

Mehul Choksi cites poor health as reason for not returning to India

New Delhi: After Antiguan Foreign Minister opened the way for Mehul Choksi’s extradition, in a sensation revelation, the fugitive offender has invoked a political witch-hunt argument.

Mehul Chokshi’s lawyer, David Dorsett, has confirmed that Choksi ‘had a loose alliance with Congress’ which ‘flamed’ the situation.

Chokshi’s lawyer told Newsmobile Partner Republic TV that ‘there are serious political elements involved’ in the case.

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“Well, he has a nephew who also appears to be a person, a scapegoat. The authorities are trying to pin this matter for him. There is a very serious political element that is involved in this whole matter and it is not just a bank that has collapsed. In India, the political climate is heated up in a very serious way. I mean to understand the elections particularly at a national level that are going to be held in the early part of next year. Basically, the politicians are in splints right now. They are trying to carry as much popular support as they can and the situation with MR. Choksi has to be seen in that context”, David Dorsett told NewsMobile Partner Republic TV.

“He was a businessman. He was an ordinary businessman and he had some loose alliance with what is now known as the opposition party in India, the Congress Party, which is the party that is different from the party of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I believe that his name. So, there is a difference. I also know that he was a regional, a political activist but there was somewhat of a loose alliance that has kind of inflamed the situation”. he added.

Minutes after the news break, the Bharatiya Janata Party launched an attack on the Congress and the ruling party will be raising this issue in the Parliament. As per sources, the government will examine the ‘loose alliance’ between Mehul Choksi and Congress Party.

India is sending evidence against Choksi after the Antiguan authorities said, “We will wait for India to furnish details and once it is determined that the charges are proper we will have no choice but to act on it.”

“If India can prove that at the point of answering questions in the application he knew and withheld deliberate information, then that is grounds for revocation. The law is very clear: If the applicant fails to provide material information at the point of application and this is covered somewhere in the future, that is basis of laws enough to do a verification,” the authorities added.

Earlier on July 31, reports surfaced that Mehul Choksi approached the Antigua High court in an attempt to block extradition to India. Mehul Choksi’s lawyer, Dr David Dorsette, filed a case in the High Court of Antigua on Monday seeking to block the extradition of his client.

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