Close encounters with the third ” Amazons 3rd gen Echo

Alexa , please be informed  that you may have a rival in the works . If you are on of the millions who has become reliant on Amazons Alexa then it is in your best interest to  know that Amazon is not stopping.   There is a third generation in work called thee Echo Dot.  The Echo Dot is Amazon’s cheapest entry to the Alexa party – the current, second-generation, models costs around Rs 3500 (and is often on promotional sale for much less than this). A third-generation model, code named ‘Donut’ (following ‘Pancake’ and ‘Biscuit’), has seemingly been uncovered by the folks  at Numerama and Frandroid. The leaked images suggest a device that is a bit larger than the current Echo Dot model, but a lot more smoother too.


Amazon’s Echo-related hardware announcements usually take place in September, and if the leading e-retailer follows a  similar timframe with the supposed third-gen Echo Dot device then we might likely witness the smart speaker unveiling in autumn. Amazon’s first Echo Dot smart speaker with the voice-based personal assistant, Alexa made its debut in September 2016.

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