Oyo leaves Gurugram woman stranded in the middle of the night

It seems that not all is glittery with India’s startup space . In a scathing statement written on a social media platform accessible, a woman criticized and accused OYO Rooms, a budget hotel start-up, of endangering her safety.

She stated that she had booked a hotel through OYO in Gurugram, but was allegedly denied entry at 1 AM because the place was overbooked. She had to call customer care and faced several difficulties. Th customer care took nearly two hours to find her another place. She had to stroll on the road for two hours (till 3 AM).

The women went on to ask

  • Is it not the responsibly of the operations team to deal with accommodations and other such prime stuff?
  • Are start ups ready to deal with large customer bases effectively?

Maybe it is time for regulating the sector to ensure that these instances are

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not repeated and safety of women is not at risk.



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