NaMo turns no-confidence motion into a Friday block bluster

In a finale to the day-long debate on the no-confidence motion, PM Modi in his characteristic style remarked on Rahul Gandhi’s short journey to the treasury benches to hug him and indicated with hand gestures that Gandhi was in a hurry to be in the PM’s chair.

In his speech defending his government Modi mocked Rahul Gandhi’s wink and said that the whole country watched it. ” We are chowkidar as well as bhaagidar but we are not Saudagar, not Thekedar. We are Bhaagidaar of the poor and the dreams of the people and are proud of it” he said.

The TDP members disrupted his speech demanding justice for Andhra Pradesh.

Some highlights of the Modi’s speech, where he rebutted the accusations point-by-point:

  • This no-confidence motion is a strength of our democracy. I would request that we reject the motion.

  • We are first single-party majority in 30 years, but the face of the people opposing nation development has been unveiled.

  • Why was the no-confidence motion moved? Don’t they have the numbers or the majority? If they were not prepared why did they move the motion?
  • Neither boatman, nor winds, nor the sail…what kind of a journey is this?

  • The motion was bought because of ego. ‘Modi Hatao’ was the slogan.
  • I am shocked that (earlier in the day) though the debate had hardly started they (the opposition) were impatient to reach the PM’s seat. He pointed to his chair and indicated that Rahul Gandhi wanted to snatch the seat.
  • In a democracy believe in the mandate of the people. Why are you in a rush? We are here because 125 crore Indians blessed us
  • I am standing and standing steadfast on the work done by us for the last four years
  • This is not a floor test for the government, it is a test for the Congress and its partners. You could have done that without the excuse of a no-confidence motion
  • The amount of mistrust you have on Government, do you not have that much trust in your partners

  • Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s comment on ‘Shiv’ he said I pray to Lord Shiv that he gives you so much strength to move a no-confidence motion in 2024.
  • Calling the comments on Doklam immature and childish he said when the government was facing that Doklam, Rahul Gandhi was meeting Chinese diplomats
  • Stop abusing the soldiers, by referring to surgical strikes as ‘Jumla’ and using derogatory language for the Army Chief
  • The constitutional provisions of the no-confidence has been misused to create instability and overturn a stable mandate

  • I am a poor man from a backward class, I dont want look you in the eye, as history proves that those who have dared to do so, have been insulted like Charan Singh, Jai Prakash Narayan


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